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Cpark G-17 -GPS

Cpark G-17 -GPS

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GT06N GPS tracker is a multi-functional GPS satellite positioning system which can help to locate your vehicle’s current address. It is a multi-functional GPS vehicle tracker has the built-in GSM and GPS double antennas. Its main functions are SOS alarm/notification/alert message/voice monitoring and so on. It can be used in logistics car and truck to support fleet management.


Feature Description
Real-time tracking Provides up-to-date location information in real-time
Vibration alarm Alerts for any detected vibrations, useful for anti-theft
Fuel/electricity cutoff Enables remote cutting off of fuel or electricity
SOS alarm Allows users to send distress signals
Voice monitoring Enables remote listening to surroundings for added security
Low battery alarm Notifies when the device's battery is running low
Location checking Can be done via phone app or web interface



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