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Cpark Arduino IOT Starter Kit

Cpark Arduino IOT Starter Kit

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Note: The kit can be customized based on your requirements if you inform us beforehand.


The CPARK IOT Kit for Arduino Projects is perfect for anyone looking to learn about IoT with Arduino. The kit includes a range of components such as the Ethernet Shield W5100 for Arduino, ultrasonic sensor, DHT11 Sensor, LCD display, and more. It comes with a user guide and example programs to help you get started.

Package includes:

Component Quantity Description
Arduino Uno DIP with USB-A to B connector 1 Microcontroller board with USB connectivity
Bluetooth module 1 For wireless communication
Ultrasonic sensor 1 For distance measurement
DTH11 sensor 1 For temperature and humidity measurement
16x2 LCD display with I2C interface 1 For displaying text and data
Relay 5V 1-channel 1 For controlling high-voltage devices
Buzzer 1 For sound output
Switch 1 For user input
LED lights (Red, Green, Yellow, White) 20 (5 each) For visual indicators
Resistor (1kΩ, 10kΩ) 20 (10 each) For current limiting and voltage division
Potentiometer 10kΩ 1 For variable resistance
Jumper wires (MM, MF, FF) 30 (10 each) For connecting components on a breadboard
Breadboard 1 For building and testing circuits
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